No amount of money can truly compensate for pain, suffering, disability, or the loss of a loved one, but awards or settlements do provide people with financial resources to help them as they move forward in life under challenging circumstances.


  • Guaranteed tax-free payments
  • Elimination of the risk of early dissipation
  • Financial management without a fee
  • Effectively judgement proof
  • Not considered matrimonial property
  • It may be used as proof of guaranteed income

A structured settlement provides guaranteed, tax-free payments with no fees to you and can include some of the following advantages:

  • A structured settlement is not considered income and it may allow you to continue receiving government disability benefits
  • Elimination of the risk of early dissipation of funds
  • Financial management without a fee
  • Effectively judgment proof
  • Not considered matrimonial property
  • It may be used as proof of guaranteed income

Learn more about structured settlements:

  • As all victims of personal injuries can attest, life is uncertain. A structured settlement will provide a true sense of security and dependability amid this uncertainty
  • These guaranteed tax-free annuities parallel the safety of government-backed Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIS)
  • Unlike government bonds, a tax-free structured settlement is also effectively judgment proof. A recipient cannot be forced to cash out one of these structures to relieve a debt
  • They are non-transferable, non-assignable, and non-commutable
  • They are not included as matrimonial property that is subject to division in the event a relationship dissolves

When you work with Henderson Structured Settlements LP, you will be working directly with a Certified Structured Settlement Consultant who has relevant experience and knowledge in the personal injury and insurance fields. Our staff is committed to providing you with the most expedient and thorough service in the industry. We are ready to assist you at no-charge. Henderson Structured Settlements LP will always be able to match or better the value of any structured settlement at the time of final brokerage.

Yes - $5,000.00 for children and $10,000.00 for adults.

Yes -Legislation in most provinces permits the court to do so where the claimant is under the age of majority or is incapable of managing their property.

Henderson Structured Settlements LP is licensed with the only four life insurance companies that provide structured settlements in Canada (The Manufacturers Insurance Company of Canada, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, The Canada Life Assurance Company, and BMO Life Assurance Company).